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Merry christmas!

I tried and failed to write the following fixc in time for Christmas this year. It's technically complete, but I'm not happy with it and it needs a few more passes. Very much inspired by discussions with Raaj.

Warning: fluff

Unnamed Cloud x Aerith x Tifa Christmas Fic )
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[personal profile] raaj recommended two Cloud/Tifa fics to me a while ago (Anchor and Wait for It) which we picked over for a while, and then somewhere along the line wound up hitting on the idea of merging some elements from both into a new fic. The fic is intended to draw on both heavily for the ideas but with a completely new execution; Anchor is about coping with the aftermath of Tifa getting amnesia (due to a monster attack from sinister origins), while Wait for It is about Cloud and Tifa's relationship actually advancing with the threat of losing Marlene and Denzel hanging over them thanks to a WRO law change.

So the fic intends to take the amnesia aspect from Anchor and the threat of losing the kids from Wait for It. Will this work? Hopefully...

Amnesia Fic )
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WARNING! This fic is intended to parody a specific shipping argument, and Cloud is going to sound like a total jerk in this. This will possibly read as anti-Clerith just to warn you. I'll reiterate at this point that I love the pairing, and this is not reflective of my usual opinions. And like so many ideas it grew out of conversations with [personal profile] raaj (who is in no way responsible for me writing this. This is entirely my fault).

(on a side-note, I have realised I have bascially never written an outright, or even easily implied Cloud/Aeris fic. I should rectify this...)

The High Cost of Dreams )
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Finally gotten back to this, mended some odd lines, tightened some dialogue and descriptions and moved things around slightly. I've removed the list of photos for now as I'm tempted to make their descriptions a bit more detailed so they'll go back in later.

I've realised that I have Cloud finding Aeris' ribbon and previously never doing anything with it. Now he hands it to Tifa before it again vanishes from the story. Just really not sure if I should remove it or have it wind up somewhere else. Not sure I'd want it to go to Elmyra given it is blood-stained, but... Hmm. Any suggestions/comments gratefully received!

48 Exposures )
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Resulting from a conversation with [personal profile] raaj came this idea of Avalanche finding a long-forgotten camera that Aeris had used to document her travels between Costa del Sol and the Temple of the Ancients. I wound up specifying forty-eight pictures that Aeris had taken, and I really wish I could draw to illustrate this.

48 Exposures )


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