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And now the time slows down a fair bit, since this turned into more of a novelisation then originally intended (so a good chunk of this will be very familiar given I'm not derailing canon very much just yet. Fair number of changed details though). I've made some changes to the first two chapters, but decided not to post those at the moment as they were just going to make these posts increasingly huge (though I think I could get away with it character-limit wise); but Aeris now longer burns Ifalna's body at the end of chapter 1 and there is a sequence in chapter 2 of how she was inspired to be a fire dancer due to another performer she saw years previously.

The Fire Dancer - Chapter 3 )
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This grew out of another conversation with [personal profile] raaj, and a pre-Crisis Core take on Zack and Aeris' relationship, how it started, why it started and how ultimately things were between them. The gist of the idea is that Zack's relationship with Aeris starts as far less then romance and more a cunning ploy to diminish Aeris' anti-Shinra stance, and hopefully peacefully bring her back in their fold. Which is going to read as pretty anti-Zerith for now (and I have no issues with the pairing), but we'll see where it goes. And despite my outright ignoring of Crisis Core, Cissnei is still around, Angeal is likely to show up - and after reading The Fifth Act - even Genesis might put in an appearance (though both of them will lose any Jenova project connections - they will be simply other First Class SOLDIERS)

This also needs a new title as Zack the Spy is terrible, but I have no idea what to call it yet and need some way to reference this...

The Tale of SOLDIER Boy and the Flower Girl )
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This... took longer to get back to then it was supposed to. But here is a newly revised chapter 1 (with some changes on the escape from Shinra resulting from discussion with [personal profile] raaj and an expanded ending... which I'm not entirely sure if I should keep) and a finished chapter 2.

Chapter 1 )

Chapter 2 )


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