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And now the time slows down a fair bit, since this turned into more of a novelisation then originally intended (so a good chunk of this will be very familiar given I'm not derailing canon very much just yet. Fair number of changed details though). I've made some changes to the first two chapters, but decided not to post those at the moment as they were just going to make these posts increasingly huge (though I think I could get away with it character-limit wise); but Aeris now longer burns Ifalna's body at the end of chapter 1 and there is a sequence in chapter 2 of how she was inspired to be a fire dancer due to another performer she saw years previously.

The Fire Dancer - Chapter 3 )
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This... took longer to get back to then it was supposed to. But here is a newly revised chapter 1 (with some changes on the escape from Shinra resulting from discussion with [personal profile] raaj and an expanded ending... which I'm not entirely sure if I should keep) and a finished chapter 2.

Chapter 1 )

Chapter 2 )
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Resulting from an involved AU idea discussion with [personal profile] raaj, the idea behind this is that rather then Aeris be a healer/good at growing flowers, she is instead a black mage who specialises in fire (and some other discussion about how Cetra mage classes might have worked/how they learnt their spells). How much would this alter the story? Remains to be seen - though this first chapter implies a major storyline change to be workable for which [personal profile] raaj has suggested some interesting ideas.

This first section is darker then it was intended (its also much longer then expected), the next phase will hopefully be more fun.

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