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Title: The Water On Her Skin and the Grass Beneath Her Feet
Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: SFW
Length: 1865 words
Characters: Aerith Gainsborough, Tifa Lockhart
Pairing: Aerith x Tifa
Summary: Aeris and Tifa split from the rest of the party to wash and cool off.

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The Water On Her Skin and the Grass Beneath Her Feet )
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I posted the first line of this in response to a tumblr meme (and then wound up altering it anyway). The idea itself grew out of discussions with Raaj about Cloud being female but thanks to Hojo and Zack's memories thinking he was male through-out Final Fantasy VII. This is the moment Tifa finds out:

WIP Text )
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To distract myself slightly from the faint case of nerves of posting chapter 1 somewhere more visible (and spending ages fretting about the synopsis), here are some amended versions of the last two chapters. Not sure how much did get amended in the end, but hopefully I have it sounding less abstract this time...

Chapter 12 - Wutai
Aeris )
Chapter 13 - Enchantment Night
Cloud )
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After numerous revisions, an entirely SFW section of the fic again! Amended chapter 10 (Cloud half, and first section of Aeris's), and almost completely new version of Cloud's half of chapter 11 with some tweaks to Aeris's.

Chapter 10 - Cosmo Canyon
Cloud )
Aeris )
Chapter 11 - Nibelheim
Cloud )
Aeris )
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Merry christmas!

I tried and failed to write the following fixc in time for Christmas this year. It's technically complete, but I'm not happy with it and it needs a few more passes. Very much inspired by discussions with Raaj.

Warning: fluff

Unnamed Cloud x Aerith x Tifa Christmas Fic )


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